Programme Intégré pour le Développement du Peuple Pygmée au Kivu (PIDP)

To defend the human rights of the indigenous pygmy peoples of Bambuti, hailing from Kivu on the cultural, social, economic and environmental fronts. Indigenous pygmy Bambuti peoples live in unity and solidarity with other communities, while fully enjoying their own rights, free of discrimination and marginalisation. Most notably, the right to civic participation, socioeconomic and cultural rights, as well as the rights to their land so that they may actively participate in their emancipation through the their self-determination in a healthy environment.

To protect and promote the livelihoods of indigenous Pygmy peoples in order to respect their culture and traditions, with a sustainable development perspective. It is also to ensure advocacy and lobbying, as well as the the protection and respect of the Pygmy peoples rights; to contribute to the protection of biodiversity, to the governance and sustainable management of natural resources. Finally, it is to mobilise social and humanitarian assistance which benefits the indigenous pygmy Bambuti and their needy neighbors in situations of need.