Aide et Action pour la Paix (AAP)

To strengthen local capacity for peace, for access to land, for the protection of rights of internally displaced persons and children and for the fight against poverty in rural areas. The organization’s mission is also to promote environmental law as a tool for the protection of public health and collective heritage, while promoting dialogue between stakeholders from different disciplines.

AAP aims to build a united rural world where the poorest rural households share their way of life with the most affluent in the respect of basic principles, and human rights and good governance, always centred on access to land and land management.

The organization’s objectives include to strengthening of local capacity in the analysis and treatment of dealing with internal displacement, and the search for pursuit of lasting peace, and to help resolve the search for resolutions to land disputes through advocacy for the poor and the vulnerable.

Its constituencies are the poor and vulnerable, with a specific focus on indigenous peoples and internally displaced peoples.

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