Nkuzi is a non-profit section providing a range of support services to historically-disadvantaged communities wishing to improve their rights and access to land.
The Nkuzi Development Association envisions that disadvantaged women and men are organised and empowered to assert their rights and are creating their own sustainable and improving livelihoods. This is based on the fundamentals of access to sufficient land, secure tenure, the provision of basic services and integrated local economic development.

The association’s objectives are firstly, for landless people to be empowered to drive land reform process which shifts power relations so that the poor, rural and landless access and utilize land equitably and effectively. Secondly, for farm residents to be informed of their land and related rights and are assisted to exercise those rights. Thirdly, to attain an improved level of debate among key stakeholders on pro-poor agrarian reform strategies and their implementation. Fourthly, for quality legal and paralegal support to be available to enable the poor and landless people to exercise their land rights and other human rights. Finally, for Nkuzi to have sufficient resources, effectively managed and for it to implement proper monitoring mechanisms.

The association’s constituencies include landless people and farm residents.

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