Land Access Movement of South Africa (LAMOSA)

To combat poverty, inequalities and oppression through People Centred Development (PCD), advocacy for access to land that was brutally and forcefully taken from our ancestors, substantive democracy, profound social, economic and political structural transformation, and facilitation of Sustainable Development for prosperity.
The Land Access Movement of South Africa (LAMOSA) is an independent, community- based organisation (CBO) advocating for land and agrarian rights, and substantive democracy through facilitating Sustainable Development. Sustainable Community members, families, organizations, institutes and/ or enterprises are engaged in, and are in control of sustainable collective social, economic and political actions.

The organization’s objective is to contribute to the accessing of land and agrarian rights for the dispossessed and landless people of South Africa. Dispossessed and landless people in targeted communities have the capacity to engage in the land reform process and to facilitate effective land use for their livelihood.