Zambia Land Alliance (ZLA)

Zambia Land Alliance is a platform for collective action committed to promoting equitable access, control and secured ownership of land by the rural, peri-urban and urban poor and marginalized, through lobbying and advocacy, networking, research and community partnership. The vision of Zambia Land Alliance is “a Zambia in which the rural, peri-urban and urban poor and vulnerable have secured access, ownership and control over land for sustainable development”. Zambia Land Alliance is a network of NGOs working for just land policies and laws that take into account the interests of the poor.

ZLA’s goal is to contribute towards equitable access and ownership of land by poor rural and urban families. The overall objectives are:
– To lobby and advocate for policies, laws and administrative systems that are inclusive of the rural and urban poor’s needs, most of whom depend on land for their livelihoods;
– To conduct research on land-related issues;
– To raise awareness on land rights, gender, HIV/AIDS and the environment;
– To network and collaborate with national, regional and international bodies to share experience on land issues.

Its beneficiaries include local communities, in particular the rural and urban poor.

RESPONSIBILITY: Sub Regiona Cordinator for Suthern Africa Region

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