Centre Béninois pour l’Environnement et le Développement Economique et Social (CEBEDES)

The Centre béninois pour l’environnement et le développement économique et social (in English, “Benin Centre for Environment and Development Economic and Social Council”) (CEBEDES-XUDODO) is an NGO which, since 1990, has been committed to the populations of different localities of Benin. Using a process of self-support based on people’s participation, CEBEDES is involved in the fight against poverty, promotion of food security and local development. CEBEDES aims to contribute to socio-economic development, environmental protection and the promotion of cultural heritage in the countryside and cities of Benin.

The organization’s objectives include to contribute to reducing malnutrition and achieving food security, building capacity for sustainable agriculture and management of natural resources, promoting citizen participation in local governance and undertaking socio-economic research and training.

CEBEDES’ constituencies include marginalized and vulnerable groups in Benin.

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